The weekend of May 19th and the days leading up to the Memorial Day Parade were busily  filled with the distribution of Poppies.  Two members who continue to be outstanding in their efforts are unofficially dubbed Unit 304’s “Poppy Queens.”   The dynamic Parrella team could be seen all over town soliciting donations to help support our Veterans and our active military who give and have given so much for the cause of freedom.  Thank you, Florence and Elizabeth, for your outstanding work in support of our Veterans.  Thank you also to all our other members and friends who raised money for this cause.  We also thank very specially all of neighbors and friends who gave so generously in support of our men and women who have served or who are serving our great nation.  Our gratitude abounds for the management of Raindew who always support our many efforts for our veterans.

Vice President & Treasurer Elizabeth Parrella and Chaplain Florence Parrella at Raindew

The heat did not deter Florence who could be found outside King Kullen and the Post Office 

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