The Unit again invited the community to participate in its fundraising activity,”Make the Holidays Brighter for our Veterans.” The Manhasset Press helped to spread the word along with our Boy Scouts and Junior members.  There was a chill in the air but warmth in the hearts of those who participated in the fundraising, shopping, and wrapping of gifts for the veterans at the Northport VA Medical Center.  The success of this effort was the result of much planning, much cooperation, and much generosity of time and donations in many forms and by many individuals and businesses.

A Boy Scout. Matt Moschitta, again served as liaison to Raindew where the managers enthusiastically supported the effort by permitting the Scouts and our Junior members to set up a table and encourage Raindew’s patrons to assist our veterans.  Volunteers stayed at the table throughout the day and received very generous donations from shoppers.  Raindew has always been an energetic supporter of veteran causes presented to them by the ALA.  The kind cooperation and support shown by Raindew’s owners and the many discounts applied to purchases for our veterans are very much appreciated.

We continue to reap the rewards of the initiative of our Junior member, Kaitlyn Clarke, who, two years ago, arranged for us to participate in the Modell’s coupon program.  We were again given discount coupons that were good for a month of shopping.  Five percent of the purchases above $500 are being returned to the ALA and will be used for additional items for veterans.

A second Boy Scout, Daniel Cataldo,  once again served as the lead in advertising the event throughout town.  His announcements appeared in stores, his posters outside American Legion Post 304 explained the event, and his flyers listing the items needed for our veterans and active military were distributed to shoppers at Raindew.

While collections were being made at Raindew, donors also stopped by the American Legion Post with items and monetary gifts.  Care to Knit donated 121 beautifully handmade blankets.  The Al & Peggy DeMatteis Foundation donated $300 to assist in the purchase of electric shavers.  The Ace in the Hole Foundation donated $620 for the purchase of six robotic cats and dogs which are being used to assist our veterans suffering from dementia.  The Columbiettes donated hundreds of dollars’ worth of sweatshirts, hats and gloves.  Members of the Manhasset community dropped off hundreds of items and made monetary donations.  Members of the American Legion Auxiliary, the Junior American Legion Auxiliary, and students from each of our Manhasset schools also made donations and gave generously of their time.

Much sorting and wrapping was also taking place at the American Legion Post.  Led by Pat O’Brien and Elizabeth Parrella, the President and Vice President of Manhasset Unit 304, many elves ensured that the gifts received would be beautiful holiday surprises for the veterans.  Manhasset Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts donated homemade cards, others spent hours making and writing cards, and several days were spent wrapping the gifts.  In between, Umberto’s of Manhasset provided relief by once again graciously supplying pizzas for the many volunteers.  At the completion of the collection, Raindew reviewed its stock and then made extremely generous contributions of clothing to our veterans.

By the evening of December 15th, 243 individual, very large, gift bags had been filled for our veterans.  In addition, there were numerous bags of CDs, DVRs, and miscellaneous items for Northport.  The holiday gift bags and additional items were delivered to the Northport VA Medical Center on Monday, December 16th, by a group of Auxiliary members.  A truck and driver donated by Tridon Chemical, as well as a company representative, and a trailer on loan from the Manhasset Crew Team, made the trip much easier.

The gifts were distributed to veterans on December 19th by two Unit members, Pat O’Brien and Linda Clarke, an Eagle Scout, Martin Clarke, who was home from college on break, and several Vietnam Veterans.  Those delivering the gifts were met along the way by Dr. Antonio Sánchez, Executive Director of the Northport VA Medical Center.  He thanked everyone profusely for the outpouring of generosity shown to our veterans.

Over 100 members of the American Legion Auxiliary, the Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts, and the Manhasset community assisted with this wonderful project and spent over 300 hours working to complete it.  The number and value of the donations are truly overwhelming.

In addition, Unit 304 partnered this year with the Working Women of Manhasset (WWOM) to prepare 50 holiday gift bags for the female veterans who attend the Northport VA Hospital Women’s Wellness Center. Led by Susan Neville, 2nd Vice President of Manhasset Unit 304, nine committee members from both organizations shopped for and packed the bags with personal care items, in addition to chocolates, cookies and holiday card greetings. These bags were delivered to the Northport VA Medical Center earlier in December so that each woman attending the Women’s Wellness Center during the month of December would receive a gift bag in recognition of her valued service.


Manhasset Unit 304 Junior members, Scouts and our college supporters accepting donations for veterans and troops in back of Raindew.  Raindew continues to be a major supporter of our programs for our Veterans.


Our Scouts made donations, sorted items, and began packing the gifts for our Veterans

Thank you to our generous and faithful friends

Unit 304 Junior members and other volunteers with Robotic Dogs purchased for the Northport VA Medical Center (donated by Ace in the Hole Foundation)

Many help to pull it all together

Unit 304 Junior members and volunteers wrapping electric shavers for the NVAMC

Unit 304 members and volunteers put sizes and building numbers on the gift bags

Toiletries bagged by Margaret Palmadessa, a new Unit 304 member (right) and her sister Bernadette

As always, we are grateful to John D’Angelo and Troop 97.  The pizza boxes show some of the donations from Umberto’s for all the volunteers who made our effort possible.  Thank you, Mike!

Unit 304 members and volunteers help to sort and pack items for the holiday gift bags

Daniel and Lorraine Cataldo

Unit 304 member Diane Klein makes sure each bag is stuffed

New Unit 304 member Sandra Acerra  packs holiday gift bags

Selfies add to the fun…so much joy in giving joy to others!

Donations flowed into the Post all day.  Thank you, Belley family!

Keith DeMatteis and the DeMatteis Foundation are truly loyal supporters of our Veterans

(L to R) American Legion Post 304 Commander, Peter Killian, Auxiliary member Carol-Anne Condon, and Post 304 member Peter Cogan

Members of Northport VA Women’s Wellness Center Committee and holiday gift bags; Susan Neville, Unit 304 2nd Vice President and Committee Chair (second from left).  We are very grateful for this year’s partnership with  Working Women of Manhasset.

DELIVERY DAY ARRIVES on December 16th!!

The holiday gift bags and additional items were delivered to the Northport VA Medical Center on Monday, December 16th, by a group of Auxiliary members.  A truck and driver donated by Tridon Chemical, as well as a company representative, and a trailer on loan from the Manhasset Crew Team, made the trip much easier.

Manhasset Unit 304 President Pat O’Brien and members Elizabeth Parrella and Linda Clarke amidst completed holiday gift bags at American Legion Post 304

Unit 304 members and volunteers pack the gift bags into the truck for transport to the Northport VA Medical Center

Delivery and sorting of gifts at the Northport VA Medical Center


Gifts were distributed on December 19th.



Unit 304 served as a sponsor for fundraising associated with the donation of wreaths and we distributed flyers at our 100th Anniversary event.  The Unit donated 15 wreaths to Wreaths Across America and members donated 8 wreaths which resulted in a total of 38 wreaths because of a 3 for 2 promotion.

Two members of Unit 304, a Legionnaire from Post 304, a community member, 6 Boy Scouts, and their leader and parents from Troop 97 participated in Wreaths Across America at Long Island National Cemetery in Farmingdale.  Approximately 2,000 attended, unloaded the tractor trailers, and placed a record number of wreaths – more than 46,000.  One member researched the lives of five soldiers where she placed wreaths:

James F. Nolan served as a PFC in the US Army during World War II. From 1940 to 1944.  The registry shows that he died of wounds.

Sidney L. Moskovitz served as a 1st Lieutenant in the US Army during World War II.  He was killed in action on March 1, 1945.

Charles L. Auber served as a Corporal in the Us Army during World War II.  He was killed in action on March 1, 1945.  He and Sidney Moskovitz are buried with their names on the same headstone.

Joseph A. Hrivnak served as a Corporal in the US Army during World War II.  He gave his life fighting in the Battle of the Bulge in Belgium on December 23, 1944.  He was in a tank with another soldier and both were killed.  A third soldier received a medal for trying to get them out of the tank.

The World War II Registry lists Richard L. Weichmann, a technician in the US Army during World War II, as having been killed in action.  Since the date of death is also December 23, 1944 and both he and Joseph A. Hrivnak share the same headstone, perhaps they were together in the tank.

President Pat O’Brien and Boy Scout Troop 97 await the start of the ceremony

VP Elizabeth Parrella prepares to lay wreaths

Trucks came from the entire eastern seaboard to support Wreaths Across America 2019

Anthony lays a wreath on the grave of a Spanish American War hero

Overview of our National Cemetery following the laying of wreaths.  God bless our heroes, especially those who paid the ultimate price for our freedom.

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Unit 304 was privileged to support the US Army’s 2-211th General Support Aviation Battalion during their deployment in Afghanistan.  Thanks to the additional generosity of our Manhasset friends, we supplied them with both essential items and goodies that reminded them of home.  In the midst of constant danger, they still smile…and can make us smile.  God bless them for their selflessness.  We are proud to present the 2-211th GSAB!

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For several years the American Legion Auxiliary has reached out to you for help in spreading holiday cheer to our veterans residing at the Northport VA Medical Center.  Your response has consistently overwhelmed us and last year we prepared and delivered over 200 holiday gift bags for our veterans.  The gifts brought tears to the eyes of staff members and smiles to the faces of our veterans.

We are again asking for your help to do something similar.  A “Wish List” of items that would be helpful to our veterans may be found on our website,, in the “Events” section.  It includes specific toiletries for men and women, various clothing items including sweatpants, pajamas and shirts, military baseball caps, soothing CDs, family-oriented movies and Broadway musicals.

There is also a need for 6 robotic dogs and cats used specifically for dementia patients and for 35 rechargeable men’s shavers.  For the sake of consistency, we are “wishing” that earmarked monetary donations would be made to allow us to purchase these items.

Manhasset American Legion Post 304, 27 Bayview Avenue, will be open on Saturday, December 7, from 10 am until 4 pm, to accept donations for this worthy cause.  The Scouts and our Junior Auxiliary members will be in back of Raindew, accepting both monetary donations and purchased items.  We are very grateful to Raindew for their continued support of our veterans and the American Legion Auxiliary’s ongoing programs.

Please join us in spreading cheer to those who have sacrificed so much in the service of our great nation and in the preservation of our freedoms.  Thank you for all you have done and continue to do for our veterans.  May you each be blessed in abundance at this beautiful holiday season.

For additional information, please feel free to contact Pat O’Brien at 516-850-5702 or



As is customary among the Nassau County American Legion Family, a Stand Down was held for veterans just prior to Thanksgiving.  The purpose is to provide food, clothing and information to struggling and homeless veterans on Long Island.  This was held at the Freeport Armory and was supported by our American Legion Auxiliary Unit, the Columbiettes of St. Mary’s and various members of the Manhasset community.  The veterans were provided with a hot Thanksgiving dinner at the Stand Down.

Thank you to everyone who made this event so successful.  Several hundred veterans received assistance.


Pat O’Brien, President (far left), and Elizabeth Parrella, VP and Treasurer (far right),with 2 Junior members and friends who packed items for the Stand Down

Elizabeth Parrella, VP and Treasurer of Manhasset Unit 304, is joined at the Stand Down by 2 members of the Columbiettes from St. Mary’s Church

Our 2 Columbiettes at the Stand Down with members of different Auxiliaries within Nassau County


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100th Anniversary Celebration

Pictures from 100th Anniversary Celebration

November 16, 2019

Auxiliary Junior Members (in blue t-shirts) with senior members (flag scarves), receiving certificates of recognition from NY State Assemblyman Anthony D’Urso (left center) and Town of North Hempstead Councilwoman Veronica Lurvey (right center), presented on behalf of Town Supervisor Judi Bosworth; Unit 304 President Pat O’Brien is in center.

Auxiliary Junior members (in blue t-shirts) with senior members Pat O’Brien, Unit 304 President (center) and Elizabeth Parrella, Unit 304 1st Vice President & Treasurer (left)

Certificates of Appreciation that were presented by Manhasset Unit 304 at the 100th Anniversary celebration

Certificate of Appreciation presented by Unit 304 President Pat O’Brien to Columbiette and Unit 304 member Mary Ann Canfield; Unit 304 member Martha Brincat also pictured

Unit 304 President Pat O’Brien and Greg LiCalzi of the Ace in the Hole Foundation, which was created to honor the memory of Greg’s brother, 1st Lt. Mike LiCalzi

Certificate of Appreciation presented to Raindew; Unit 304 members Elizabeth Parrella, President Pat O’Brien and Jan Cuomo

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Members of the American Legion Auxiliary were joined by the American Legion and friends for an afternoon celebrating both Oktoberfest and the 100th Anniversary of the American Legion Auxiliary.  We all agreed we need to have this much fun more often!


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American Legion Auxiliary Turns 100 Years Old

Unit 304 is happy to announce that November 10, 2019 marks the 100th Anniversary of the American Legion Auxiliary.  Our milestone celebration comes a few months after The American Legion celebrated its centennial in March.

The American Legion was founded after the end of World War I in Paris, France. In September of that year, the United States Congress chartered The American Legion. Several women’s organizations wanted to become the official affiliate of the Legion. Instead of associating with an existing organization, the Legion decided to create a new organization with the women most closely associated with the men of the Legion. The American Legion Auxiliary was founded at The American Legion’s second convention on Nov. 10, 1919.

Since their establishments a century ago, the goals of both organizations have been to help veterans and their families. Today, The American Legion has more than 2 million members. The ALA boasts more than 600,000 members who spend millions of volunteer hours serving our mission every year.

The American Legion Auxiliary has stood alongside The American Legion as advocates for veterans’ rights, including passage of the GI Bill, enhancing U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs benefits, and ending homelessness among veterans.

The ALA’s 100th anniversary is a time not only to celebrate the achievements of the last
century, but also to look ahead to our next century.  A new generation of veterans, service members, and their families will depend on the American Legion Auxiliary.

It is our hope that our membership will increase as we continue the work that is so important for our Veterans, our Military and their families.

The following article appeared in the Manhasset Press.

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Empire Girls State Citizens Attend Meeting of Unit 304

Four of the six young women who represented Manhasset Unit 304 at Empire Girls State this year attended the meeting held by Unit 304 on September 17th.  Each of them spoke of their experiences during the week spent at Brockport in which they gained an in-depth knowledge of our nation’s two-party system through very hands-on activities.  They created a fictional 51st state. were members of counties named for women who are prominent in United States history, ran for office, created bills that were presented to the body of 360 young women, and learned the fate of their bills in the legislature.  Each spoke very highly of the program and of the other young women they met from throughout New York State.  They stressed that the knowledge about government will aid them as they reach voting age and beyond and the self-knowledge they gained will carry them through their lives.

Left to Right:  Pat O’Brien (President, Unit 304), Linda Clarke and Ann Marie Moschitta (Co-Chairpersons for Empire Girls State), EGS Citizens Emily Song and Jenna Curran (St. Mary’s High School), EGS Citizens Caroline Ryan and Sofia Matos (Manhasset High School), and Elizabeth Parrella ( 1st Vice President and Treasurer, Unit 304)

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Memorial Day Weekend

A Memorial Service is held on a rotating basis in a Church in Manhasset each year on the Sunday before Memorial Day. Members of the American Legion and American Legion Auxiliary participated together with members of the Congregational Church in this joint remembrance.  A gathering followed the service in one of the Church’s rooms and refreshments were served.  Anyone from the Manhasset community may attend.

Some members of Unit 304 wait with Post 304 Legionnaires for the start of the Service at the Congregational Church Memorial Day

Memorial Day Parade

The Memorial Day Parade which is sponsored by the American Legion annually in Manhasset took place as scheduled.  One member provided and drove her award-winning Cobra Mustang for the Poppy Queen in the Parade.  Others marched and attended the memorial service.  Following the Parade, a memorial service was held, wreaths were placed at monuments, the names of those veterans who have died during the year were read, and awards were given to high school students.  A celebration followed at the American Legion Hall for all American Legion and Auxiliary members and their families, for our active service personnel and for community members.

Awaiting the start of the Parade

Junior members in their new uniforms carry the new banner of Unit 304 in the Parade.  A Junior and Senior member form the Color Guard accompanied by an SAL member with their new Banner and a Junior member with their new Banner.  Senior members march behind.

Manhasset High School Sophomore and Honorary Junior Auxiliary President for Unit 304, Kaitlyn Clarke, served as our Poppy Queen in this year’s Memorial Day Parade

Pat O’Brien, President, addresses the attendees at the Memorial Service and Awards Ceremony at Manhasset High School

Pat O’Brien, President, and Elizabeth Parrella, 1st Vice Presiddent, present Manhasset High School senior, Abigail Kolyer, with the American Legion Auxiliary Good Deed Award for her work with senior citizens suffering from dementia.

Pat and Elizabeth with the awardees for 2019 (in no particular order): Poppy Queen, Kaitlyn Clarke; EGS Citizens, Caroline Ryan and Sofia Matos of Manhasset High School and Jenna Curran and Francene Olegario of St. Mary’s High School; Americanism Award recipients, Kristin D’Angelo of Manhasset High School and Rachel Jang of St. Mary’s High School; and Abigail Kolyer, Good Deed awardee

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